IIUC Admission information 2019 all department

IIUC Admission information 2019 all department

International Islamic University Chittagong is one of the best private university in Bangladesh. If you want IIUC Admission information 2019 then you are in the right place. Here you will get all necessary information of all department of IIUC. Please share this article with your friends so that they can also get all the information.

International Islamic University Chittagong:

IIUC is a institution of higher education which purpose is providing education to capable young men and women. It was founded in 1995. The motto of IIUC is “Combine quality with morality”. At present, about 10,000 students from different part of the country studying here.

IIUC mosque
International Islamic University Chittagong

IIUC Location:

IIUC is located in Chittagong. It has following campus and office:

  • Permanent Campus: IIUC permanent campus is situated in Kumira, Sitakunda, Chittagong. It is about 20 kilometer far away from the Chittagong town and adjacent to Chittagong-Dhaka highway and Railway.
  • City Liaison Office: 154/A, College Road, Chittagong-4203, north western corner of Parade corner of Parade Ground for providing admission related information.

IIUC Faculty list:

  1. Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies
  2. Faculty of Science and Engineering
  3. Faculty of Business Studies
  4. Faculty of Social Science
  5. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  6. Faculty of Law
  7. Institute of Arabic Language
  8. Centre for University Requirement Courses (CENURC)

IIUC course Duration:

The Bachelor program duration is generally four years. At least 12 credits and 4 courses are considered as the minimum load in one academic semester. However, IIUC is following Open Credit Hour system which allows students the flexibility to complete four-year degree requirements between 6-12 semester. 

IIUC Admission requirements:

Admission at IIUC is purely on the basis of merit. Furthermore, admission to any of the available programs depends on the type and level  of the program that a candidate wishes are pursue. However a student shall have to fulfil the following pre-requisities.

A. General Academic Qualifications:

  • At least GPA 6.00(combines, but score less than GPA 2.50 in any individual is not acceptable) in SSC/Dhakhil, HSC/Alim or equivalent examination. In case of pharmacy, GPA 6.50(combined) but not less than 3.00 without the optional subject in case of SSC/Dakhil and HSC/Alim or Equivalent examination. GPA 3.00 in Biology and  Chemistry and GPA 2.00 in Mathematics are required separately in HSC/Alim or  Equivalent Examination.
  • In case of the ward of freedom fighter, at least GPA 5.00 combines of in SSC/ of, HSC/Alim or equivalent examination is required. Proof of certificate must be submitted in this connection. Or,
  • ‘O’ level in five subjects and ‘A’ Level in two major subjects with minimum ‘B’ Grade in 4 subjects and ‘C’ grade in 3 subjects.
  •  Students with two year Bachelor Degree from recognized University or Fazil/Kamil degree, from Bangladesh Madrasha Education Board can also apply for Bachelor program.

B. Specific Requirements:

  • Science with Physics and Mathematics in HSC/Alim or A level for admission to computer Science and Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • Chemistry and Biology in HSC/Alim or A level for admission to Pharmacy. Fair Knowledge in English for admission for admission to ELL or Law.
  • Dakhil/Equivalent and Alim/HSC or higher degree from EMEB for admission to the program under the Faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies.

C.Lamguage Requirements:

  • English or Arabic are two primary languages used the medium of Instruction in the University depending on the specific program of the study. Fair knowledge in English is required for courses under thefaculty of Science and Engineering, Business Studies, Arts and Humanities and Laws and Fair Knowledge in Arabic foro the course under the faculty of Shariah and Islamic Studies and All.

University Requirements:

  • All students regardless of the discipline shall have to take some courses of language, Islamic studies and some interdisciplinary courses as determined by the University from time to time, whic are called University Requirements Courses(URC).
  • However, sound health, good character and Islamic values are taken into consideration. Candidates would be called to attend a written and an oral test as required by the Board respective faculties/Departments/Institute prior to Admission.

IIUC Admission Procedure:

IIUC logo
Internaitonal Islamic University Chittaogogn (IIUC)

Application forms are available for tk 500/-. To collect Application form by the mail, one may write to the academic affairs division along with Bank Draft of TK 520/- in favor of Internation Islamic University Chittagong and a self addressed envelope. Application Unit of Academic academic affairs division with attested copies of all relevant documents and two recent photographs prior to the Admission test.

IIUC Tuition Fees and Charges:

Students are required to pay admission fee and a portion of tuition fee at the same of admission. The registered student should pay their tuition fees in full every semester at the time of course registration.

A. Faculy of Shariah and Islamic StudiesCredit HoursTotal cost (Tk.)First Installment (Tk.)
i) BA (Hons.) in Quranic Science and Islamic Studies
ii) BA (Hons.) in Daw’ah and Islamic Studies
iii) BA (Hons.) in Science of Hadith and Islamic Studies
B. Faculty of Science and EngineeringCredit HoursTotal CostFirst Installment
i) B.Sc. Engg. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)1634,99,100/-84,850/-
ii)B.Sc. Engg. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)16181,300/-
iii) B.Sc. Engg. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)1614,91,100/-78,100/-
iv) Bachelor of Pharmacy
C. Faculty of Business StudiesCredit HoursTotal CostFirst Installment
Bachelor of Business adminstration (BBA)1374,53,920/-79,240/-
D. Faculty of Social Science Credit HoursTotal CostFirst installment
BSS (Hons) in Economics and Banking (EB)1342,75,740/-47,680/-
E. Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesCredit HoursTotal CostFirst Instalment
B A (Hons) in English Language and Literature1343,8,780/-62,100/-
F. Faculty of LawCredit HoursTotal costFirst installment
Bachelor of Law (L.L.B. Hons)1473,43,180/-66,560/-

IIUC admission test information:

SemesterPeriodApplication PeriodAdmission Test

IIUC admission website:

You can get all information about International Islamic University Chittagong IIUC admission form its official website. https://www.iiuc.ac.bd is the official of International Islamic University Chittagong. You will get all IIUC admission related information from this website.

International Islamic University Chittagong admission test marks allocation:

ProgaramDepartment RelatedGeneral EnglishGeneral KnowledgeGrade in HSC and SSCViva voiceTotal
QIS/DIS/SHISArabic Language: 6025151010120
CSE/EEE/ETEMath: 30, Physics: 3025151010120
PharmacyChemistry and Biology: 6025151010120
BBA,EBGeneral Math: 20,
Accounting and Business(for business studies students?or Elective math for science students/ or economics for Arts Students)-40 
ELLEnglish Language: 85151010120
LAWGeneral Legal Affair25151010120

IIUC Financial AIDS and GRANTS:

IIUC offers its students financial assistace and grants for their studies wuthin its limited scope., Besides, the students who scored GPA 4.75 to 5.00 excluding 4th subject at the SSC/Dakhil and HSC/Alim exam or equivalent are eligible for exemption from tution fees as under.


Credit Transfer/course Exemption:

Credit transfer may be allowed in the parallel programs or the same program to same level program (i.e: Bachelor program to bachelor level or Master program to master level), or, from previous in complete program to same level as a continuation of program from other instituations. Credit exemption will be applicable for the completed program to same level program to same level programs or one stepbelow to upper level program or similar course in the same level program (i.e: Bachelor progrma to Bachelor level or Master program to Master level or Bachelor to Master completed same course in admitted program). A fee of tk 3000/- is to be paid for credit transfer along with the application.

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