top 5 paragraph suggestion for HSC 2019 all education board

top 5 paragraph suggestion for HSC 2019 all education board

Hey friends, Hope you are all well by the grace of almighty lord. Today we will giveĀ paragraph suggestion for SSC 2019. You may practice this. By practising this, you can write well in your SSC examination. But don’t try to learn this by heart. Just read and practice.

School Library Paragraph 

A school libray is a place where books are nicely arranged for the people to read or borrow. A school library is an important part of every educational institute. It is called the storehouse of knowledge. A school library plays an important role in the realm of knowledge. Most of the schools have a separate building for a school library. Our school has also a separate building for school library. There are selves and almirahs in where books are nicely arranged. Ms Shahida is the librarian of our school library. She helps us to find books from the libray. There is a big reading room for teachers and students. We sit there and study for long. Every students are given a libray card. By showing this card, we can borrow bok for two weeks. In the libray, we can read as many books as we wish. But we can borrow only one book for two weeks. Scielence is a must here. Nobody is allowed to make a noise here. We are really proud of our school libray.

Winter Morning paragraph

A winter morning means msity and cold morning of winter season. The environment looks dull and dismal in the winter morning. Sorrounding is covered with fog and mist. Everything looks lazy. One can hardly see and determine things at a little distance. People wears different warm clothes to protect them from cold. Village people collect straw and burn them on fire to warm themselves. Rural people suffer much for cold because they don’t have sufficient warm clothes. Town peoople get up late in the winter morning. Date juice are available in the winter season. Houswives makes different types of cakes and sweets with date juice in the winter morning. A winiter morning is very enjoyable for us.

Traffic Jam Paragraph

Traffic jam is the long line of vehicles that can not move or move very slowly. It is a common affair of big cities and towns. It is the main problem of modern time. There are many reasons acts behind the traffic jam. Rapid growth of population is the main cause of it. The number of vehicles also increasing day by day. But the roads are all the same. In proportion to our population and vehicles road are not increasing. Most of the drivers are not willing to obey traffic rules. They drive as their sweet will. Some unlicensed vehicles are available on the road. In proportion to roads and vehicles, traffic police are not sufficient. Traffic jam creates many problems in our daily life. It kills our time. Our works are greatly hampered for this reason. Ambulance and dying patient suffer much on the street for the traffic jam. However, this problem can be solved by taking some necessary steps. Sufficient traffic police should be posted. We should encourage drivers to obey traffic rules. Unlicensed vehicle should be removed. By taking all these measures, we can hope to have a good traffic system in our beloved country.

Tree Plantation Paragraph

Planting trees more and more is called tree plantation. Nowadays it has become a social movement throughout the whole country. Trees are very important in our life. We get our basic needs foods and shelter from trees. We get also necessary medicine from trees. We can not live for a single moment without oxygen. We get this valuable oxygen from trees. It also reduces the carbon dioxide and saves the environment. All of the animals of the planet get foods from trees. Modern civilization depends on papers. These valuable papers are made from woods. Trees also save the environment by preventing soil erosion. Environment pollution is increasing day by day. We should take necessary step for tree plantation. We should make conscious people for planting trees more and more.

Load Shedding Paragraph

Load Shedding means the discontinuation of supply of electricity. It is one of the main problems of our country. Nowadays it has become a part of our life. It is a common affair of our country. There is a lot of reason acts behind load shedding. In proportion to our demand, insufficient production of electricity is the main cause of load shedding. Misuse and illegal connection of electricity are the another cause of load shedding. It creates intolerable problem in our daily life. Student has to suffer much during load shedding. Fresh foods get rotten in the refrigerator for load shedding. Production of mills and factories decreases for this problem. It encourages miscreants to do their work. The suffering of patient is beggar description during load shedding. However, this problem cannot be solved at all. but if we want, we can decrease the dimension of it. Government should take necessary steps for producing more electricity. We should conscious people not to waste electricity.

We hope, these paragraphs will help you to develop your writing skill. Writing paragraph is not very difficult. If you practise all these, Hope you will do better result in your exam. Before the day of exam, you can practise all these:

paragraph suggestion for exam:

  • Load Shedding
  • Traffic Jam
  • School Library
  • Winter Morning
  • Tree Plantation
  • Environment Pollution
  • Pahela Boishakh
  • National Flag
  • Book fair
  • Village fair
  • Water Pollution
  • Sound Pollution
  • A tea stall
  • A street Hawker
  • A railway station
  • Telivision
  • Computer
  • Price Hike

These are the most important. Because if you see the previous year question, you will find them. Every year these are repeated. But to do well in the examination you should practice more and more. Keep in mind that practice makes a man perfect.

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